about us


VIB is a strategic consultancy in exterior commerce, offering complete and tailor-made solutions for small and medium-sized companies both in Brazil and abroad.

With its office in Vitória, Espirito Santo, VIB enjoys the collaboration of talented professionals with state-of-the-art knowledge in external commerce, transport and business.


To operate transparently and competently with a view to exterior commerce being an important aspect of development and expansion of our clients' businesses.

To develop long-term relationships with our clients whilst providing consultancy with the best standards of quality and ethics in the world.

Why Vib?

The Brazilian business world already knows that exporting is the best way to grow. Why limit your market just to Brazil, and not the entire world? A large number of the most successful businesses in our country are focusing their market share abroad, improving productivity by adapting their processes to international standards and increasing profits with expansion to new markets, with higher income and growth rates than in Brazil.

Nevertheless, exporting still seems to be an unsurpassable challenge for many small and medium-sized business people. Language and cultural barriers, lack of resources and high investment prevent many from taking this important step for the development and growth of their business.

Above all, it's not enough to simply “invest” in exporting, because of the risk of outlay going to lost funds. The target market must be chosen on a criterion basis, products have to be adapted to the tastes of the market and licences must be obtained from local governments.

VIB exists to help you overcome these challenges. Our team consists of highly-qualified professionals who will help you to achieve your objectives, costing you a fraction of what you would spend creating a specialised export department.


Matriz: Rua Gelú Vervloet dos Santos, 590, Salas 1006 – Ed. Norte Sul Tower, Jardim Camburi, Vitória/ ES- Brazil - CEP 29.090-100 e-mail: vib@vib.com.br
Fone : + 55 27 3345-5292 Celular : + 55 27-98111-0443

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